Post-Draft Interviews Part 3 – Ernest Owusu

Ernest Owusu

Fan Zone: Last year you played for San Jose, now you get the chance to play for Vegas with one of the best QB’s as head coach, how does it fell to keep playing?
Ernest: I feel extremely excited and blessed to have the opportunity to not only keep playing, but also join a new organization. I know we’re all going to work really hard to do some great things for Las Vegas.

Fan Zone: What does AFL and playing football mean to you?
Ernest: Being in the AFL and playing football feels amazing to me. God blessed me with the ability to play a kid’s game for a living, so I’m more than thankful.

Fan Zone: How do you feel about playing for Garcia?  About playing for an expansion team?
Ernest: I’m extremely excited to play for Garcia! If anyone has an understanding of how things should be done and what it takes to win, it has to be one of the most decorated and revered players in AFL history!

Fan Zone: Any pressure to perform more so than previous years?
Ernest: There’s no pressure to perform. I’m going to continue to go to work every day and lay it out on the line every opportunity I get, regardless of the situation.

Fan Zone: Will playing in Vegas be a distraction with all the things to do?
Ernest: Yeah there might be distractions because there is a lot to do in Las Vegas, but honestly there are distractions everywhere. There were distractions in San Jose. My life order is God, family, football, and everything else. All of the distractions fall under everything else. So, you can bet distractions will not be an issue for me.

Fan Zone: Coming from San Jose, how different do you see it being playing in Vegas?
Ernest: I wish I could tell you how different Las Vegas is going to be, but honestly, I have no idea. Obviously a different organization will have different standards, rules etc. I’m just ready to find out.

Fan Zone: Have you ever been to Vegas?
Ernest: I have been to Vegas a couple of times over the past few years. So, I am somewhat familiar but a lot will be new to me.

Fan Zone: What benefits do you see working for an expansion team?
Ernest: I’ve never worked with an expansion team so I really don’t know. However, I do know that Las Vegas is going to be excited to have a Pro Team and I believe everyone is going to jump on board and fully support us.

Fan Zone: What is your goal for the season?
Ernest: I want this organization to come off the bat competing at a high level and show the people of Las Vegas that there’s a pro team to in the city that wants to make the people proud.

Fan Zone: Congratulations on being drafted and good luck with your season.

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