Post-Draft Interviews Part 1 – Moe Williams

In part 1 of this series Fan Zone writer/photographer Sharon Soares interviews newly acquired Las Vegas Outlaws WR, Moe Williams.

Fan Zone: Last year you played for Jacksonville, now you get the chance to play for Vegas with one of the best quarterbacks to play the game, now as head coach, how does it feel to keep playing
Maurice: I’m excited. I played with Aaron in 2013 with Orlando and briefly last year with the Kiss. I know his offense and I’m excited to play for him after playing with him.

Fan Zone: What does AFL and playing football mean to you?
Maurice: The AFL gave me my second chance. I played just one year at Pitt due to not being the best student athlete I could have been. Playing in the AFL has been my second chance and allows me to provide for my family. I signed with the Colts in 2013 and have had several NFL workouts. If I wouldn’t have played in the AFL, I certainly would have never have gotten those opportunities with my limited college experience.

Fan Zone: How do you feel about playing for Garcia? About playing for an expansion team
Maurice: I feel excited for both. To be apart of something new is special.

Fan Zone: Any pressure to perform more so than previous years?
Maurice: No. This is my occupation and you have to approach it that way.

Fan Zone: Will playing in Vegas be a distraction with all the things to do?
Maurice: No. There is a time and place for everything, but the first focus in going to Vegas is football.

Fan Zone: Coming from Jacksonville, how different do you see it being playing in Vegas?
Maurice: I think the offenses will be pretty similar. Still in a place with nice weather. I am not too sure right now outside of that, but I’m excited to see.

Fan Zone: Have you ever been to Vegas?
Maurice: No

Fan Zone: What benefits do you see working for an expansion team?
Maurice: Just being a part of something that is “the first”.

Fan Zone: What is your goal for the season?
Maurice: Win a championship and get back to the NFL!

Fan Zone: Congratulations on being drafted and good luck with your season.


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