Post-Draft Interviews Part 2 – Gerald Young

Gerald Young

Fan Zone: Last year you played for Orlando, now you get the chance to play for Vegas with one of the best QB’s as head coach, how does it fell to keep playing?
Gerald: I’m definitely excited about the opportunity! I’ve heard about Mr. Garcia, but still don’t know much about him, but anyone with his type of resume I’m blessed to be under him and in his system.

Fan Zone:What does AFL and playing football mean to you?
Gerald: It’s a dream come true. Of course, I aspire for the NFL but AFL is professional football and I’m very proud. After God and family is football so it’s up there.

Fan Zone: How do you feel about playing for Garcia? About playing for an expansion team?
Gerald: Well I see it as they sought me out, correct me if I’m wrong…but that means a lot to me. Especially being a player ready to break out; wanting to break out .

Fan Zone: Any pressure to perform more so than previous years?
Gerald: Yea I think there is pressure…but, I put that on myself. I know what I’m capable of. I was a two-time all American in college and last year I made plays here and there but I’m ready to be a baller for Las Vegas.

Fan Zone: Will playing in Vegas be a distraction with all the things to do?
Gerald: Na. I’m pretty laid back. Love video games and movies; I’ll be fine. I’m from Miami and I didn’t get in trouble there. Lol

Fan Zone: Coming from Orlando, how different do you see it being playing in Vegas?
Gerald: Not sure. It was great playing in Orlando, close to home. Now I’m in Vegas and it’s football in another state. Same game though. I’ll miss being in front of family though.

Fan Zone: Have you ever been to Vegas?
Gerald: Never

Fan Zone: Tanner Varner was also drafted. Do you think he should come back so you two could play together again? (We’ve heard rumors he may not be back and would retire.)
Gerald: Well I’ve already spoke with Tanner. He seems excited about it so we’ll see. I think he will come back. I’d love to have him as a teammate again.

Fan Zone: What benefits do you see working for an expansion team?
Gerald: Being part of creating a new dynasty a new identity.

Fan Zone: What is your goal for the season?
Gerald: My goals are to help the team win first. Whether that is being a deep threat to open up others opportunities or being the “go to guy”. Other than the team, personally I really want to have opportunities to move up to the NFL, so I hope this season can show my capabilities.

Fan Zone: Congratulations on being drafted and good luck with your season.
Gerald: Thank you.

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