State of the Team – LA Kiss – They’re staying!

State of the Team – LA Kiss – They’re staying!

by Sharon Soares

If you wanted to know the answer to the question, “Are the LA Kiss going to be around next year?”; we now have it.  In the State of the Team Address by Joe Windham, Saturday, June 20th, he says “They’re not going anywhere.  This team is here to stay.”  Joe Windham is the Chief Executive Officer for the LA Kiss as of May 27th.  Since he began, many needed changes within the franchise have occurred.  Joe talked about the changes, upcoming changes, and the state of the team throughout the speech.  The Kiss aren’t only going to be back for 2016, but they are planning to do things better.  They have already started and wanted to commemorate the new beginning with fan loyalty rally towels that stated, “We are family.”  Joe said that the owners, Gene, Paul, and Doc, are very passionate about the team and Paul even refers to the team as “his baby.”  So what are the Kiss doing, right and wrong?

First off, what are the Kiss doing right?

Listening to the fans: Joe offered up his direct email address to everyone there.  Feel free to send him suggestions.  He gets a lot and will reply or act upon them, but give him time.  He has heard the positive and negative.  He reads the message boards and is active in finding out what the fans want.

Fan appreciation: Joe mentioned that the fans will be receiving emails soon regarding season ticket renewals.  Season ticket holders have a lot to look forward to with mentions of additional packages, lower ticket prices, and even some gifts included when the ticket package arrives.  He is also offering each season ticket holder a change to bring a friend, or 2, next game against the Arizona Rattlers.  More information is to be found on the LA Kiss website.

Website Redesign:  Speaking of information on the Kiss website, this will become more prevalent and get a revamp.  It doesn’t include the information he wants the fans to know and is not easily navigated to find the information.

Entertainment: Being at multiple games throughout the years, I’ve seen a lot of different games and watched the entertainment between plays, quarters, and half-time.  The Kiss, even this year, is far better with their entertainment than a lot of teams.  There is a constant flow, a live band, and a true desire to put a good product on the field, the real entertainment.

Taking care of the players: Last year was sub par on what the players received from the places where they were staying to the food that was provided.  Health care, trainers, practicing facility, were all less than what the players deserved and was less than what the team expected.  This year, especially since Joe has been on board with the Kiss, it has changed.  The players are being taken care of and are getting their breakfast and lunches provided for them.

What do the Kiss still need to work on?

Let us know or send an email to Joe.

If you want to listen to the whole question and answer session from the State of the Team, click this link.   Warning: around 50 minutes long.


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