Week 13 AFL FanZone QB Power Rankings

AFL FZ qb rankings


By Kyle Sander | kyle.sander09@gmail.com
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on June 22, 2016 at 5:18 PM

Week 12 in the Arena Football League was “Show Me” weekend for a couple of teams. Tommy Grady has the stats, but not the wins. Raudabaugh and Davila have both, so how will a matchup in Arizona look? Then you have the injury to Orlando Predators QB Randy Hippeard. We believe it is a torn ACL, but until we know for sure, I will leave him in the rankings.

If you are new to the QB rankings, we rank the Quarterback’s on the 10 statistical categories that we find are the most important for a player to take his team to the Arena Bowl. So without further ado, here is the official AFL FanZone Week 13 QB Power Rankings for the Arena Football League:

1. Dan Raudabaugh Philadelphia Soul 2.4 (LW #1) (+.4)
2. Nick Davila Arizona Rattlers 2.8 (LW #2) (+.7)
3. Tommy Grady Jacksonville Sharks 3.1 (LW #3) (+.3)
4. Randy Hippeard Orlando Predators 3.2 (LW #4) (-.1)
5. Arvell Nelson Cleveland Gladiators 3.6 (LW #6) (-.4)
6. Pete Thomas Los Angeles KISS 3.9 (LW #7) (-1.0)
7. Shane Austin Portland Steel 4.4 (LW #5) (+.4)
8. Jason Boltus Tampa Bay Storm 5.8 (LW #8) (+.5)

*Remember a 1.0 is a perfect score, 8.0 is dead last.

Most Improved – LA KISS QB Pete Thomas – -1.0

Most Struggled – Arizona Rattlers QB Nick Davila – +.7

You will also notice Nathan Stanley and Danny Southwick removed. There is no reason to keep these two players on my QB power rankings when one is on IR and the other is on a new team warming the bench.

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