AFL FanZone Week 18 QB Power Rankings

AFL FZ qb rankings


By Kyle Sander |
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on July 27, 2016 at 8:00 AM

We only have one more regular season week in the Arena Football League for 2016. Two teams, the Arizona Rattlers and Cleveland Gladiators have completed their regular season slate and get a bye week before the playoffs start next week. I have decided to rank 10 QB’s due to the KISS and Storm going back and forth between two quarterbacks due to injuries. All four QB’s of the respective teams have thrown for over 100 passes and started at least four games. As you will see there is a fight for that #1 spot with Nick Davila and Dan Raudabaugh battling it out each week. 2016’s best QB will come down to how well Raudabaugh can play against a stout Orlando Predators defense in Week 18. This week’s biggest winner is Bernard Morris jumping three spots due to the play of the quarterbacks around him, including Arvell Nelson’s worst game of the season culminating in him dropping four spots to number seven.

If you are new to the QB rankings, we rank the Quarterback’s on the 10 statistical categories that we find are the most important for a player to take his team to the Arena Bowl. So without further ado, here is the official AFL FanZone Week 18 QB Power Rankings for the Arena Football League:

1. Dan Raudabaugh Philadelphia Soul 2.44 (LW #2)
2. Nick Davila Arizona Rattlers 2.75 (LW #1)
3. Bernard Morris Orlando Predators 3.82 (LW #6)
4. Tommy Grady Jacksonville Sharks 4.51 (LW #5)
5. Shane Austin Portland Steel 5.04 (LW #7)
6. Nathan Stanley Los Angeles KISS 5.09 (LW #4)
7. Arvell Nelson Cleveland Gladiators 5.68 (LW #3)
8. Pete Thomas Los Angeles KISS 6.04 (LW N/R)
9. Jason Boltus Tampa Bay Storm 6.90 (LW #8)
10. Adam Kennedy Tampa Bay Storm 7.24 (LW N/R)

*Remember a 1.0 is a perfect score, 10.0 is dead last.

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