Way Too Early MVP Debate

by Bee Jay Glosson

After just one week of action its understandable to not think about the league MVP. Where would the fun in that be though? That being said, I have 4 candidates the I believe have a legitimate shot at being the MVP.  

James Romain from the Philadelphia Soul in week 1 had 2 interceptions, returning both for TDs. With those stats that puts him on pace for 24 interceptions and 24 TDs, unheard of defensive stats. We know that pace is unsustainable of course, or is it?  

On the defensive side of the ball also is Baltimore Brigade player Joe Powell. Joe is already in mid-season form having 2 interceptions in the first game, and though none went for TDs like James Romain, both interceptions stopped crucial drives for the Washington Valor.  

Now that’s the ballhawk side of the line, lets talk about the offensive side now. Dezmon Epps from the Washington Valor had 201 yds receiving and 4 TDs setting a new franchise record for the Valor. The pace would be brutal to continue but 48 TDs and over 2400 yards receiving would be hard to not give the MVP to.  

Every great receiver needs a great QB to throw to them, and that’s where my personal pick for MVP comes in. Arvell Nelson threw for 391 yards and 8 TDs. On pace for a truly unbelievable 4704 yards passing and 96 TDs. 96 TDs, could you imagine that?

Well there you have it, the 2019 way too early Arena Football MVP candidates.  As the season goes on we will get the chance to see just who the real contenders are, but for now, sit back and relax because its going to be a great season.

Photos courtesy of philadelphiasoul.com, baltimorebrigade.com, washingtonvalor.com

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