Always Bet on Black: Blackjacks defeat Brigade, 35-34

by David Taylor

Atlantic City- When all the chips were down, Atlantic City had one last chance to seal the victory. Leading 35-34, the Blackjacks needed Baltimore to miss the game-winning field goal. Veteran defender Antron Dillon broke through the line and blocked the kick, sending the crowd at Whelan Boardwalk Hall into a frenzy. The win moved the Blackjacks to 3-3 and gave Atlantic City the head-to-head advantage against the Brigade. The teams only meet once more time this season and Atlantic City leads the series 2-0.

The win also marked the third time that Atlantic City has worn black on black this season. All three times, Atlantic City has been victorious. While that may sound like good news, Atlantic City now faces four consecutive road games in which the choice of uniform will be determined by the home team. Every small advantage helps in the nip-and-tuck sport of arena football, even a superstitious one like uniform choice.

Will Atlantic City be able to bet on black during this four game road trip? Only time will tell. If lady luck is with the Blackjacks, count on seeing the all-black uniforms multiple times over the next month. Here are the three base uniform types that Atlantic City uses. The Blackjacks also mix and match on occasion as well. The uniforms are manufactured by Phenom Elite, the official uniform provider of the Arena Football League.

Photo by Craig Matthews, Press of Atlantic of City

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